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True Change Requires Real Action.

Yesterday, I received a statement of solidarity from a national organization. The opening of that statement was:

“We grieve the recent merciless and indecent killing of George Floyd. It’s sadly one of many murders committed in our country over the centuries against our brothers and sisters in the African American community. They have been stalked and murdered while jogging, shot and killed while driving or reaching for a wallet, murdered in a choke hold while selling loosies, murdered by a police woman who thought she was entering her own apartment with an intruder inside, murdered in their own homes while sleeping during a drug raid at the wrong address, and threatened while bird watching in Central Park. These unconscionable events increase our awareness of the systemic racism in our country that is often manifested through acts of violence against people of color. Unfortunately, this painful reality is often carried alone by African Americans without adequate support or redress for these repeated aggressions. This is a shared burden among all human beings.”

This is one of many statements of solidarity that organizations throughout the world have issued within the last turbulent week. These statements help salve the pain that we as African-Americans have suffered, not just from the horrific acts of assault and murder that have been committed upon us, but also from the larger society’s failure to acknowledge, address, and correct the profound racism that pervades all of American society, including the criminal justice system.

Now is the time to continue moving forward by addressing and correcting the problems at hand. If we want to make true change, we all must undertake real action. We need you. If you stand in solidarity with us, please do the following.


The Coalition of Police Accountability and Transparency (CPAT) is a coalition of over fourteen organizations whose mission is to foster police accountability in San Diego County. The Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association is a member of the coalition along with organizations such as La Raza Lawyers Association and the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Based on CPAT‘s work and those of other criminal justice reform organizations, CPAT created a list of five policy reforms that are crucial to just and equitable policing. I ask that all who stand in solidarity with us take each OF these actions.

  1. Go to the CPAT site.
  2. Read the 5 policy reforms discussed at the website.
  3. Enter your name & address in the “ENTER YOUR RETURN ADDRESS” box on the right side of the page & click “START WRITING
    1. This will create an email to the county board of supervisors & specific city council members letting them know that you support the policy reform platform
    2. The email will be automatically created. You don’t have to write anything. But, feel free to make changes to the email if you’d like.
  4. Sign up as an official supporter of the policy reform platform by going here.
  5. Forward this announcement to your friends, family, and colleagues. And, encourage them to complete the easy steps above to send an email to the county board of supervisors and their city council members.

We can make change happen here in San Diego County, but it will only happen if each and every one of us takes action.

With gratitude,

Andrea Renee St. Julian

President of the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association​

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2020 to 2021

An organization advancing the political, economic, educational, social, legislative and legal interests of the African-American community in San Diego County.


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