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Practicing Attorneys

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There are 12 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Salas, Ashley
Office: The Utility Reform Network
Email: asalas@turn.org
Practice Areas: Telecommunications

Samuel III, George
Office: General Counsel - Trovagene, Inc.
Tel: (858) 952-7694
Email: gsamuel@trovagene.com
Practice Areas: Corporate Counsel

Sciencio, Angelica
Office: Law Office of Angelica Sciencio
Tel: (619) 800-VISA
Email: info@scienciolaw.com
Practice Areas: Family Law, Immigration Law

Scott, Christian
Office: Scott Law Group P.C.
Tel: (866) 712-8120
Email: css@scottlawgrouppc.com
Practice Areas: Business Litigation, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Commercial Law

Shillinger, Löan
Office: Shillinger Law
Tel: (619) 576-5719
Email: LShillinger@ShillingerLaw.com
Practice Areas: Asset Forfeiture, Estate Planning, Probate Litigation

Simmons, James
Office: San Diego District Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 531-3726
Email: james.simmons@sdcda.org
Practice Areas: Criminal Prosecution

Simmons, Markecia
Office: San Diego City Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 533-5655
Email: msimmons@sandiego.gov
Practice Areas: Government

St. Julian, Andrea
Office: Andrea R. St. Julian, Attorney at Law
Tel: (858) 792-6366
Email: astjulian@san.rr.com
Practice Areas: Appeals

Stewart-Brown, Marquetta
Office: The Law Offices of Marquetta Stewart-Brown, Esq.
Tel: (619) 656-2128
Email: marquettabrown@me.com
Practice Areas: Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Conservatorships, Guardianships, Juvenile Dependency

Stewart, L. Marcel
Office: Law Office of L. Marcel Stewart
Tel: (619) 702-4123
Email: lmslaw@att.net
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and Personal Injury

Swigart, Joshua
Office: Hyde & Swigart
Tel: (619) 233-7770
Email: josh@westcoastlitigation.com
Practice Areas: Consumer Protection, Civil Litigation

Swonetz, Josi
Office: Allen Matkins
Tel: (619) 233-1155
Email: jswonetz@allenmatkins.com
Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation, Labor & Employment