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There are 6 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Maynie, William
Office: Solar Turbines Incorporated
Tel: (773) 502-7809
Email: mayniewilliam@cat.com
Practice Areas: Transactional & Commercial Law

Middleton, Antoinette
Office: Law Offices of Antoinette Middleton
Tel: (619) 235-9501
Email: info@lawofficesofam.com
Practice Areas: Elder Law, Wills and Trust, and Probate Law.

Mizell, Marvin
Office: Office of the Attorney General
Tel: (619) 738-9139
Email: marvin.mizell@doj.ca.gov
Practice Areas: Government

Montgomery, Monica
Office: City of San Diego
Tel: (619) 255-1204
Email: monica.at.law@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Policy Advisor, Community Representative

Mouton, Stacey
Office: Mouton Law
Tel: (760) 927-06477
Email: stacey@mouton.law
Practice Areas: Employment Litigation, Workers' Rights

Muhammad, Jamal
Office: Federal Defenders of San Diego
Tel: (619) 234-8467
Email: jamal_muhammad@fd.org
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense