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There are 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Carothers, Dave
Office: Tremblay Beck Law & National Conflict Resolution Center
Tel: (858) 792-7492
Email: dcarothers1@mac.com
Practice Areas: Labor & Employment, Corporate Governance, Mediation

Carter, Kim
Office: Carothers, Disante & Freudenberger
Tel: (858) 646-0007
Email: kcarter@cdflaborlaw.com
Practice Areas: Employment & Labor Law

Castillo, Jose
Office: U.S. Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 546-6745
Email: jose.scher.castillo@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Government

Chow, Stephanie
Office: Office of the Attorney General
Tel: (619) 738-9153
Email: Stephanie.Chow@doj.ca.gov
Practice Areas: Government

Coleman Jr., Harold
Office: Harold Coleman, Jr., Ltd.
Tel: (619) 794-6001
Email: MediatorColeman@verizon.net
Practice Areas: Alternate Dispute Resolution,Training & Consulting, Real Estate & Construction, Business & Employment