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There are currently 54 names in this directory
Aminpour, A. King
Office: Aminpour & Associates
Tel: (619) 238-1177
Email: King@Aminpourlaw.com
Practice Areas: Consumer Protection, Personal Injury

Anderson III, Doc
Office: Law Offices of Doc Anthony Anderson III
Tel: (619) 615-6580
Email: shaftsavr@aol.com
Practice Areas: Civil Litigation

Anderson, Hali M.
Office: Wilson, Turner, Kosmo LLP
Tel: (619) 236-9600
Email: handerson@wilsonturnerkosmo.com
Practice Areas: Employment Litigation

Aristy, Yahairah
Office: San Diego Public Defender's Office
Tel: (619) 441-4024
Email: ayahairah@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Bae, Judy
Office: Miller, Monson, Peshel, Polacek & Hoshaw
Tel: (619) 239-7777
Email: judybae@mmpph.com
Practice Areas: Trusts & Estates

Bell Jr., Charles
Office: San Diego City Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 533-5618
Email: cbell@sandiego.gov
Practice Areas: Civil Defense

Broussard, Connie
Office: Office of the Attorney General
Tel: (619) 738-9515
Email: connie.broussard@doj.ca.gov
Practice Areas: Civil Litigation

Brown, Janice
Office: Brown Law Group
Tel: (619) 330-1700
Email: brown@brownlawgroup.com
Practice Areas: Business Litigation, Employment Law

Carothers, Dave
Office: Tremblay Beck Law & National Conflict Resolution Center
Tel: (858) 792-7492
Email: dcarothers1@mac.com
Practice Areas: Labor & Employment, Corporate Governance, Mediation

Carter, Kim
Office: Carothers, Disante & Freudenberger
Tel: (858) 646-0007
Email: kcarter@cdflaborlaw.com
Practice Areas: Employment & Labor Law

Castillo, Jose
Office: U.S. Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 546-6745
Email: jose.scher.castillo@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Government

Chow, Stephanie
Office: Office of the Attorney General
Tel: (619) 738-9153
Email: Stephanie.Chow@doj.ca.gov
Practice Areas: Government

Coleman Jr., Harold
Office: Harold Coleman, Jr., Ltd.
Tel: (619) 794-6001
Email: MediatorColeman@verizon.net
Practice Areas: Alternate Dispute Resolution,Training & Consulting, Real Estate & Construction, Business & Employment

Dawson, Dennis
Office: Law Offices of Dennis Dawson
Tel: (619) 262-0158
Email: atty.denniswdawson@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Employment Discrimination, Business Litigation

de Haan, James P.
Office: Paul Hastings LLP
Tel: (858) 458-3000
Email: jamesdehaan@paulhastings.com
Practice Areas: Labor & Employment (Management/Defense)

Enge, Cherie
Office: Law Office of Cherie A. Enge
Tel: (858) 999-3040
Email: cenge.law@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense, Business Transaction

Flemming, Michael
Office: San Diego Public Defender's Office
Tel: (760) 945-4019
Email: michael.flemming@sdcounty.ca.gov
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Fryar, Tina
Office: Park Fryar, LLP
Tel: (888) 474-3670
Email: tfryar@parkfryar.com
Practice Areas: Employment Law

Hopkins, Shanly
Office: Aguirre Allen Law
Tel: (619) 507-7005
Email: shanly.hopkins@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Business & Real Estate

Jenkins, Angela
Office: Greenman, Lacy, Klein, Hinds, Weiser & Heffron
Tel: (760) 722-1234
Email: angela.jenkins@glkhwh.com
Practice Areas: Trusts & Estates

Jones-Wright, Geneviéve L.
Office: Executive Director, Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance (MOGO)
Tel: (619) 500-7720
Email: director@moralgovernance.org
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense and Civil Rights

Kline, Tatiana
Office: San Diego Public Defender's Office
Tel: (619) 338-4700
Email: tatiana.kline@sdcounty.ca.gov
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Lewis, U.A.
Office: The Lewis Law Group
Tel: (713) 570-6555
Email: myattorneyatlaw@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Civil Rights, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury

Maynie, William
Office: Solar Turbines Incorporated
Tel: (773) 502-7809
Email: mayniewilliam@cat.com
Practice Areas: Transactional & Commercial Law

Middleton, Antoinette
Office: Law Offices of Antoinette Middleton
Tel: (619) 235-9501
Email: info@lawofficesofam.com
Practice Areas: Elder Law, Wills and Trust, and Probate Law.

Mizell, Marvin
Office: Office of the Attorney General
Tel: (619) 738-9139
Email: marvin.mizell@doj.ca.gov
Practice Areas: Government

Montgomery, Monica
Office: City of San Diego
Tel: (619) 255-1204
Email: monica.at.law@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Policy Advisor, Community Representative

Mouton, Stacey
Office: Mouton Law
Tel: (760) 927-06477
Email: stacey@mouton.law
Practice Areas: Employment Litigation, Workers' Rights

Muhammad, Jamal
Office: Federal Defenders of San Diego
Tel: (619) 234-8467
Email: jamal_muhammad@fd.org
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Oliver, Euketa
Office: San Diego Public Defender's Office
Tel: (619) 498-2019
Email: Euketa.Oliver@sdcounty.ca.gov
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Omordia, Onu
Office: San Diego City Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 533-5500
Email: oomordia@sandiego.gov
Practice Areas: Government

Patterson, Stacie L.
Office: Law Office of Stacie L. Patterson
Tel: (619) 269-8074
Email: slp@pattersonlaw.com
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Pearman, Robert
Office: Sanders, Roberts & Jewett, LLP
Tel: (213) 426-5000
Email: rpearman@sandersroberts.com
Practice Areas: Arbitration, Public Works, Real Estate & Construction

Pippins, Victor
Office: Higgs Fletcher and Mack
Tel: (619) 236-1551
Email: pippinsv@higgslaw.com
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Immigration Law

Rand, Kelly
Office: San Diego District Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 531-3577
Email: kelly.rand@sdcda.org
Practice Areas: Criminal Prosecution

Redparth, Sarah
Office: Agape Law Firm
Tel: (619) 546-6556
Email: Sarah@AgapeLawFirm.com
Practice Areas: Family Law

Ritchey-Andrews, Diane
Office: Diane Ritchey-Andrews, Atty. at Law
Tel: (619) 850-4327
Email: ritchey-andrews@att.net
Practice Areas: Probate, Wills, and Trusts

Roberts, Kia
Office: Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP
Tel: (619) 906-5729
Email: kia.roberts@Procopio.com
Practice Areas: Energy & Environment, Real Estate

Salas, Ashley
Office: The Utility Reform Network
Email: asalas@turn.org
Practice Areas: Telecommunications

Samuel III, George
Office: General Counsel - Trovagene, Inc.
Tel: (858) 952-7694
Email: gsamuel@trovagene.com
Practice Areas: Corporate Counsel

Sciencio, Angelica
Office: Law Office of Angelica Sciencio
Tel: (619) 800-VISA
Email: info@scienciolaw.com
Practice Areas: Family Law, Immigration Law

Scott, Christian
Office: Scott Law Group P.C.
Tel: (866) 712-8120
Email: css@scottlawgrouppc.com
Practice Areas: Business Litigation, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Commercial Law

Shillinger, Löan
Office: Shillinger Law
Tel: (619) 576-5719
Email: LShillinger@ShillingerLaw.com
Practice Areas: Asset Forfeiture, Estate Planning, Probate Litigation

Simmons, James
Office: San Diego District Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 531-3726
Email: james.simmons@sdcda.org
Practice Areas: Criminal Prosecution

Simmons, Markecia
Office: San Diego City Attorney's Office
Tel: (619) 533-5655
Email: msimmons@sandiego.gov
Practice Areas: Government

St. Julian, Andrea
Office: Andrea R. St. Julian, Attorney at Law
Tel: (858) 792-6366
Email: astjulian@san.rr.com
Practice Areas: Appeals

Stewart-Brown, Marquetta
Office: The Law Offices of Marquetta Stewart-Brown, Esq.
Tel: (619) 656-2128
Email: marquettabrown@me.com
Practice Areas: Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Conservatorships, Guardianships, Juvenile Dependency

Stewart, L. Marcel
Office: Law Office of L. Marcel Stewart
Tel: (619) 702-4123
Email: lmslaw@att.net
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and Personal Injury

Swigart, Joshua
Office: Hyde & Swigart
Tel: (619) 233-7770
Email: josh@westcoastlitigation.com
Practice Areas: Consumer Protection, Civil Litigation

Swonetz, Josi
Office: Allen Matkins
Tel: (619) 233-1155
Email: jswonetz@allenmatkins.com
Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation, Labor & Employment

Talbert, Maresa Martin
Office: Talbert Law Office
Tel: (619) 356-8056
Email: maresa@talbertlawoffice.com
Practice Areas: Business, Nonprofit, and Intellectual Property

Tyrell, Jo
Office: Law Offices of Jo Anne Tyrell
PO Box 1121, Lemon Grove, CA 91946
Email: joatyrell@aol.com
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Wilson, Lei-Chala I.
Office: Law Offices of Lei-Chala I. Wilson
Tel: (619) 507-1304
Email: leichalawilsonesq@earthlink.net
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Labor & Employment

Wyatt, Donte
Office: Law Offices of Donte T. Wyatt
Tel: (619) 807-9505
Email: attorneydontetwyatt@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense