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Harold G. Murray 1996

Endorsement Policy

Are you interested in receiving an endorsement from the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association for an elected office? The Earl B Gilliam Bar Association ("EBGBA") will examine the qualifications and temperament of candidates for an "Elected Official" position, who seek EBGBA's endorsement. The Association encourages qualified African and non-African American candidates to seek elected office. Endorsed candidates should reflect the diversity of the State of California, support the interests and goals of EBGBA, and demonstrate an ability to contribute to the San Diego legal community.


Please click here to download a copy of our endorsement policy for elected officials, which outlines the application process in more detail. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Association at ebgbassociation@gmail.com.

Endorsements: County-Wide Elections


Monica Montgomery Steppe - Supervisor District 4

San Diego President Pro Tem - District 4

EBGBA is proud to endorse President Pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe as a candidate for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 4. President Pro Tem Montgomery Steppe is a proven leader and champion for all people. Her track record demonstrates her commitment to achieving racial, social, and economic justice. She also understands the need for transformative and restorative justice in our criminal justice system and throughout our county, and that there must be accountability for our law enforcement agencies, which has garnered her the moniker as "The People's Councilmember." She has been and continues to lead the change for the betterment of all residents in the City of San Diego.

Please visit Monica Montgomery Steppe's campaign site to learn more.

Media and Press Releases

Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association President L. Marcel Stewart represents the EBGBA on the issue of racial profiling by SDPD at the San Diego City Council.

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